A page from our sketcbook: Ma Chérie & Lover

A page from our sketcbook: Ma Chérie & Lover

This collection comes after a long hiatus and we wanted the pieces to reflect on our growth and anew beginnings. We invite you to engage not only with the tactile beauty of your Chérie and Lover pieces but also with the inspiration behind it.

The inspiration.

Rooted in the warmth of countless conversations with cherished friends and loved ones. They are often filled with kindness, love and space for one another. These meaningful dialogues and sentiments often offers us so much - to learn how to hold space, to be kind and love others but also ourselves.  Sometimes, even a quiet patience and support can offer us so much. 

The conceptualisation.

 Sketching of Chérie
 Sketching of Lover print
We translated the essence of love and kindness through our palette with notes of pink, reds and complementary greens into a floral embroidery textile and a watercolour print. 

As you embrace pieces from these two collection, we invite you to carry with you not just a piece of clothing, but a reminder to hold space, be kind and love yourself and others.

Silhouettes & Material.

As the collection takes shape with our textile designs, we worked on weaving romantic silhouettes that reflects the theme and inspiration of the collection. Look out for delicate ruffles and gentle gathers, meticulously crafted through an array of techniques.

Shirring adds an additional layer of unique textures and ensures a flexible and accommodating fit for many body types with its elasticised nature. They are also friendly for breast feeding mommies.


In the meticulous process of breathing life into our designs, the quest for the perfect fabrics led us on a journey of exploration and sustainability, deliberately choosing materials that align with our values.

Within the Chérie collection, we opted for an organic mid to light-weighted cotton-rayon blend. This fabric, distinguished by a unique textured weave, provides a soft and comfortable canvas for our designs. The interplay of textures with the fabric, embroidery and shirring details offers a natural and beautiful touch to each piece.

For our upcoming Lover collection, our manufacturer recommended a soft and luxurious recycled polyester fabric to have our print printed on. This conscious choice reflects our ongoing efforts to incorporate sustainable materials into our creations. Embracing recycled materials is a significant stride toward a more environmentally responsible approach to fashion production, and we are taking this step to align our designs with our values.

The Production & finishing touches.

In the heart of our Chérie and Lover collections lies a hidden gem – a poem penned with love, discreetly nestled within the folds of the laundry tag alongside thoughtful care instructions for your cherished piece.

Every stitch, every fabric choice, and every nuance in these collections speaks to our dedication to designing and producing pieces with intent. We trusted the expertise of our manufacturer partner, also a ISO9001 and SEDEX certified production facility to produce our designs in small quantities.

May you find kindness and inspiration as you adorn yourself with the creations from our heart to yours.

An ISO 9001 certificate demonstrates that a organisation is committed to delivering consistent, quality products using best-practice processes. A Sedex (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) certification indicates that a factory has undergone an ethical assessment and is committed to responsible and ethical business practices in its operations and supply chain.

Paint your days with
laughter’s vibrant colours,
a warm gentle touch,
minutes of meaningful words,
and a quiet breeze of patience.

In no time,
your canvas will find its place,
love will fill every space
and you’ll be on your way.
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