About Us 🎨👋🏻

Paper Palette Studio is a design and textile studio from Singapore, nurtured by L, a multidisciplinary designer with a background in fashion and textiles.

The brand started with L's passion in textile design and in hopes to address the lack of unique textile design in the market.

Driven by an ethos to inspire your everyday moments through our textile marvels and playful prints, Paper Palette weaves the threads of emotions, stories, and nature into our designs that hopes to comfort and bring joy to you.

Our Process 🪡

Our process is simple yet thoughtful - each print begins with a sheet of paper and a palette of colours. 

Collaborating closely with our manufacturing partner, we work hard to bring our designs into reality. We have nurtured a close family-like relationship with our manufacturing partner in China, who shares a similar belief for original design, a sustainable production method, and a positive working environment for workers.

  • Original Designs

    We believe in original design and that’s why we take time and effort to design for you.

    As we go through our daily lives, we embrace the beauty of our everyday moments and seek inspiration from the people and world around us. This is being translated into our designs, hoping that each piece of garment can add colours and meaning to your everyday.

    We put in a lot of effort and thought in customising in our own in-house prints & embroidery - from the spending hours on creating unique textile artwork, considering print placement to picking the best colour palette.

    We also carefully sieve through fabrics to select the right one and design the best possible cut and fit for you. We make sure samples are met to our standards before we sent them for final production.

  • Sustainable Production 🌎🌿

    We are aware of the environmental impact that the fashion industry contributes towards the environment. While we love and breathe fashion, we hope to champion sustainability in our business process and design to protect Mother Earth.

    We are constantly innovating and exploring methods. We first started off with using excess fabrics to up cycle them into smaller items in 2019. Recently, together with our factory, we are on the hunt for sustainable materials such as recycled polyester fabrics to minimise our environmental footprint.

    While there isn’t perfect solution for sustainability, we are constantly experimenting and considering new sustainable methods in our design, production and business process.
Feel free to drop us a message if you have an idea how you can help us out on this!

  • Community & People 💕🙆🏻‍♀️

    Located in China, Guangzhou Province, our manufacturing partner is a family-owned business that take pride not just in their craft but also their staff.

    They are a certified IS90001 and SEDEX company which guarantees for quality products and a fair and positive employment environment for their workers.

    PS: To answer the elephant in the room, our garments are not made in a sweat shop environment!

    Thanks to our common values, we have fostered a family-like relationship with our manufacturing partner. We are extremely thankful for their generosity and their industry expertise in helping us turn our designs into reality.

Your support goes a long way. 💌

With our core values, every collection designed in-house by Paper Palette Studio is an embodiment of thoughtful design and quality craftsmanship.

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