Pre-order ✨

Our products are designed in-house. When you place an pre-order with us, you are securing a slot for the item while it is being manufactured at our factory.

  • Allows us to understand demand and place just enough stocks for designs. This in turns help to reduces waste and chances of dead stocks. 🌎

  • Those who place an pre-order will guarantees you a piece of the item you been eyeing for. It also allows us to offer exclusive pre-order deals. 💕

  • Pre-order allows us to receive feedbacks make changes if needed to, allowing us to bring you along the design process. 🎨

  • How does it works?

    Once a pre-order collection is launched, shop from our web store and place an order like how you usually do. Pre-order period will last around 1 week to 2 weeks.

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  • How long do i need to wait?

    Once pre-order has closed, it will take anywhere between 4-8 weeks’ for it to arrive. Freight conditions, factory’s schedule, workmanship will affect the arrival time of the pre-orders. We strive our best to adhere to the estimated waiting time but we seek your utmost understanding should there be any unforeseen delays.

  • When will i know the arrival of my preorder ?

    Once the pre-order has been closed, we will periodically update the product information page or here. You may check back to the respective pages for updates.

    We will also share updates on our socials, so do follow us!

  • Can i still join the pre-order after it closes?

    We will usually order extra pieces depending on popularity and to account for any defects. Thus, we will continue to accept orders even after the pre-order closes as long as it is still available for checkout on our web store. However, in an event of insufficient stocks, we will give priority to those who ordered during the pre-order period. Thus, we recommend you to place your order before pre-order closes.

  • How will my shipping be calculated if i purchase an in stock and a pre-order item?

    In such cases, your items will only be shipped separately and shipping fees will apply. If you prefer to have your items shipped out together, please contact us at before you place an order with us.

  • How will shipping be calculated if i purchase multiple pre-order items.

    In the event you place items from multiple pre-orders, your items will be shipped together if the items arrive from the same batch of freight. Otherwise, items will be shipped separately and shipping charges will apply.


We are constantly revising and improving how we can serve you better. If you would like to share thoughts, feel free to reach out to us at or send us an email via the button below.

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