Jewels of the garden, Tulips 🌷

Jewels of the garden, Tulips 🌷

Introducing our brand new spring collection, Tulips. Embrace yourself in the soft vibrant colours and warm essence of spring. Inspired by the natural beauty of fresh tulip flowers - our designs capture the essence of renewal, joy, and radiance that accompany the season. 

Tulips Shirred Top & Weekender Shorts
Each piece in our Tulips collection is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, reflecting the delicate petals and soft hues of these iconic flowers. Discover a series of our unique embroidery design on a soft, textured cotton textile. 

Tulips Shirred Flutter Day Dress 
Just as every tulip is unique in its own right, so are you. We hope that as you adorn yourself with our collection, you'll be reminded of your own individuality and the beauty that lies within. Let each blooming tulip serve as a reminder to take a fresh breath every morning and to embrace the unique qualities that make you, you. 

Tulips Knot Day Dress 
In clusters of joy,
Hues lively and bright,
Breathing life in spaces,
Tulips bloom, moments alight.
Jewels of the garden,
As you are,
beautiful and radiant.

Tulips Billowy Blouse & Weekender Shorts

Join us in celebrating the splendor of spring with our Tulips collection, and let its vibrant energy and timeless elegance inspire you to bloom with confidence and grace. 

Blooming on 20 April, Saturday, at 11AM.