About Us 🎨👋🏻

Paper Palette Studio is a design studio that seeks to inspire your daily life with our quiet play with textile marvels. Through our exploration with textiles and colours, we translate them into designs that embodies a soft spirit of freedom and creativity.

Drawing a breath of fresh air into our everyday, our design inspiration draws from the quiet sensibility of life, delicate petals to coloured hues of the sky. we seek to cherish and celebrate life’s little quirks and stories.

For you, who carry the warmth of ordinary moments close to your hearts.
For you, with a gentle spirit of freedom & creativity.

Our Process 🪡

In hastily culture of fashion and consumerism, it is quick to overlook the significance of our everyday articles. We aspire to redefine this relationship by designing more thought. At the core of our philosophy is a commitment to designing with intent. Our process is simple yet thoughtful where each print begins with a sheet of paper and a palette of colours. 

  • Original Designs

    Because the little things do matter, that's why we take time and effort to create in-house textile designs that reminds you of the little things around us.

    The sensibility of how we believe a good piece of garment should be is translated into our design process - from colours, fabrics, fit to the seams. With each piece of garment, we hope they will be able accompany you through many seasons.

  • Sustainable Production 🌎🌿

    In the pursuit of creating pieces with intent, we are also putting in the effort to opt for sustainable and eco-friendly materials such as recycled or organic fabric in our fabric sourcing so that we can continue to bask in the beautiful things nature has to offer. 

    Feel free to drop us a message if you have an idea how you can help us out on this!

  • Community & People 💕🙆🏻‍♀️

    Collaborating with a family-owned manufacturer and a certified IS90001 and SEDEX company, signifies more than just a commitment to producing quality products.

    We align with their steadfast dedication to not only maintaining high standards for production but also cultivating a positive employment environment for their valued workers - because we truly appreciate their expertise and all that they do.

Your support goes a long way. 💌

With our core values, every collection designed in-house by Paper Palette Studio is an embodiment of thoughtful design and quality craftsmanship. Thank you for dropping by and we hope you find a piece of something here.

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