Lover 💖

Lover 💖

Sending you a reminder to always loveWhether it is to a friend, a family or stranger, there is always little act of kindness and love you can offer. 

Printed on light-weighted 100% recycled polyester, Lover encapsulate the feeling of love into a abstract watercolour print that also reminds us the quiet morning sunrise. Discover everyday silhouettes for the new year ahead.

Lover 💖
paint someone’s night with
clear skies to see light,
soft echos of comfort,
dreams as light as clouds
and a sprinkle of hope.


Lover Pleated Midi Dress

Lover Shift Dress

Lover Flutter Top

Lover Gathered Top

in no time,
their nights will find its place.
love will fill every space
and they will be on their way.

Lover 💖
Filling your space with love
Saturday, 13 January, 11am.