From our sketchbook: Tulips 🌷

From our sketchbook: Tulips 🌷

Thank you for loving our Tulips collection🌷🫶🏼 We gained new followers friends and lots of you made your first purchase with us. We are immensely thankful for this and it’s hard to express our gratitude for taking interest in our pieces.

One of the core values that we are extremely insistent is our creative process. We take pride in the creative and design work that we do because we believe it is the thought and little things that makes the sum of a product. Here, we welcome you to discover the process of Tulips through our lens.

We actually started toying with the idea of Tulips as a mindless sketch a long time ago. The idea of Tulips resurfaced again and we explored the idea again. The original tulips illustration looked a lot different than what it is today and we actually went through multiple iterations to achieve the final variation the Tulip illustration.

We explored different options of colour combination for the collection, from darker shades to lighter shades. We ended up picking the palette that you see now, a refreshing spring hues that remind us of nature. Bit by bit, the collection start to took more shape as we slowly finalised on the final silhouettes.


Embroidery pieces like Tulips collection itself require more time and effort to produce with an additional process of having to embroider fabric with our Tulips pattern. Seeing how Tulips took shape bit by bit was also a journey to growth and every step of the process is unique and special. Just the way we are, always blooming at every moment, now and always.

We hope you will take this little note you with you - where ever you are in life, every moment is special and you are inherently good enough.

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